The Black Forest Plus Card

Who ever was already in the Black Forest appreciates the cordiality. Leisure and cosiness make us to forget the world. In the heart of the Black Forest our guests are no foreigners. We would like to design their time more easy-going: with Black Forest Plus.

Everybody is different and everyday is new: arrange your time down to your whim! Decide spontaneously in the morning during the breakfast: What’s going on today? We have prepared more than 70 typical Black Forest activities which you can choose freely everyday. You will enjoy free travel and admission with the Black Forest Plus Card.

It is a new service, an invitation by your host and especially the ticket for your relaxing vacation. You are able to use it without any additional charge. We also have organised the following:

  • You will receive the Black Forest Plus Card upon your arrival
  • you are able to visit more than 70 destinations
  • without long waiting queues, no additional costs, but a great experience

Frequently asked questions

What are your benefits of the Black Forest Plus Card?

More than 70 destinations are offered, which you can visit during the regular opening hours. It could be free admission, travel and attraction or guided tour. You can find a general view on

How often can the offers be used?

You can use every service at least once a day, depending on the type of service. Visiting the castle, for example, is limited to 1 visit per day. However the mountain railway is available everyday.

Which guests will receive this card?

Every guest who will stay at least two nights or longer in our chalet will receive the card up from 1st February 2014. Without additional charge but from the bottom of our heart as a gift by your host.

How long is the card valid for?

For every night of accommodation you will receive one day for using the Black Forest Plus Card. Arrival and departure are one usage day each.

Is the card transferable to another person?

The card can only be used by yourself during your stay and cannot be transferred to another person.

How does it work?

We cover all costs for the used services. The common costs are already included in the attractive prices for accommodation. There is a strong cooperation relationship between hosts and the provider of services. We would like to guarantee that you are able to spend your whole holiday without any worries.


Baierbronn is famous for its up scaled cuisine. There you can find the highest density of awards with in total 8 “Michelinstern”-awards in 3 restaurants.


Hiking in Freudenstadt

The northern Black Forest shows the right way to every hiker. Freudenstadt and Baiersbronn offer together almost 1.000 km marked hiking paths.